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       Tee En Publications is the pioneers in the in the field of publication of law books and legal database software’s for the past 20 years. It is a division of Law Books Centre, Ernakulam, Kochi, which has established firmly, since 1975, as one of the reputed law book sellers and publishers in Kerala. ‘CaseSearch’, the legal database software of Em Tee En Publications was first launched in 2002, and has a customer database of more than 1000 Institutions like the Government Law Secretariat, Thiruvanthapuram, Legislative Secretariat, Thiruvanthapuram, Library, Kerala High Court, Advocate Generals Office, Kerala, Kerala State Electricity Board, Kerala Judicial Academy to name a few. ‘CaseSearch’ has changed the face of legal research. Even though presence of Em Tee En publications in the web world was there since, 2005, it is now (2009) that a full fledged web site is being launched. Present web site is unique in many ways and the search technology and logic implemented in web site are as a result of many years’ research and development. There is a whole team of dedicated and devoted persons who are committed to do and deliver the best, is indeed the back bone of Em Tee En Publications. Office of Em Tee En Publications is situated at Vimala Buildings (Near Law Books Centre), Banerji Road, Ernakulam, Kerala, India – 682 035. Tel : 0484 2362456 / 91 94474 59922 / 94959 44349. Mission of Em Tee En Publications is to provide easy and quick legal research. And the vision is to change the way in which legal research is done.
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