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Complete Supreme Court, Kerala High Court judgments with more than 1400 Kerala and Central Statutes in CD Rom.
Any bit of information with respect of the reported case law of Supreme Court or Kerala High Court  can be found out in a few seconds. Extremely useful, authoritative and reliable. Most powerful search tool. This product is developed as a result of years of research.
So simple and easy to use: No formal computer knowledge necessary.
Authentic and reliable: The database of the software is derived from selected primary and secondary sources. Each and every case is meticulously analysed and formatted to perfection. 
Intelligent search facility: Search can be done just by typing any word. Results can be sorted subject-wise, parties-wise, date-wise etc.
If there are more number of desired results, the search can be refined, thus saving a lot of time.
Multiple search option: Search can also be done by the name of the Act or subject-wise. Search can also be done by parties- name, judgment date, Judges name and even by the name of the Advocate who appeared in the case. Parallel citaion of any Journal like that of KHC, AIR, SCC, KLT, KLJ, ILR (Ker.), AIR (Ker.), KLD, KLR, KLN can also be found out using the search option.
Overruled status: If a particular case is overruled in a later decision, then the citation of the later decision is also given with the case at hand. As a warning, the overruled case is given in red colour.
Case Details: Complete details about the case such as case number, judgment date, parties name, name of the Judges, name of the Act, relevant section applicable, referred cases, list of parallel citations, name of the Advocates who appeared in the case etc. are given with each case. 
Print option: Printout of the desired headnote as well as full text of judgment can be taken as per the need of the client.
Clientele includes: Various Judges of the Kerala High Court, Library Kerala High Court, Law Secretariate , Kerala State, Kerala High Court Advocates Association, Legislative Secretariate of Kerala. The corporate customers include State Bank of India, KSFE, Hindustan Lever Limted, Southern Investments Limited etc. Many lawyers of the Supreme Court as well as that of the Kerala High Court are our esteemed clients. The number is still growing.
“The  Kerala High Court Case Search (Full Text) is a useful and user friendly tool for lawyers for their day-to-day work to track the right proposition in case law. This saves time for research, and one can keep the search results with book mark for reuse later. The ready cross-citation keeps one confident to present it anywhere. I felt it useful in my day-to-day work. The task behind it is commendable and the effort taken deserves appreciation.”– Justice K.A. Abdul Gafoor (Former Judge, Kerala High Court)

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