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Complete Kerala High Court Cases (KHC)

For fast, prompt, accurate and reliable reporting.

A must law journal for all Lawyers, Courts, Corporates, Institutions, Banks, Government Departments, Law Colleges, Law Students etc.

Why subscribe Complete Kerala High Court Cases
Thorough analysis of each Case
Each and every case received for reporting is thoroughly analysed thereby the dictum laid down is carved out. For every reported case, the dictum or the head note is given first, followed by facts of the case, as to why such a case arose. Readers can get a clear picture of the entire facts by just reading the brief facts of the case. Then the reasoning of the judgment. This is followed by the case laws that are referred in the judgment.

Fast reporting and maximum coverage of judgments
Kerala High Court Cases is committed to fast reporting of cases through its weekly issues. We are sure that we are able to bring out all the important cases at the shortest possible time in the journal Kerala High Court Cases (KHC). lt will be our endeavour to report a case with such amount of quickness and accuracy so that one is able to rely on the decisions at the earliest. KHC covers almost all reportable and non-reportable judgments of the Kerala High Court.

Approved by Hon'ble High Court of Kerala.
Complete Kerala High Court Cases as well as Kerala Law Decision are approved by Hon'ble High Court of Kerala for use in the Subordinate Courts.

Contains thought provoking articles.
Articles on fair criticism of judgments, articles that promote legal literature, and regular featured articles by renowned personalities will add colour to the journal. The objective of the journal is not only to cover judgments of the Kerala High Court and important judgments of the Supreme Court of India but also to initiate a debate on various legal issues that surround us.

Giving cross citation to cases that are cited in a judgment
This will be useful for the readers to find out the parallel citations so that they need not further refer any digest or any other law book for obtaining parallel citations of the cases referred in the judgments.

Highest standards of editorial and production quality
This journal is published from the house of Law Books Centre, who has been in the field of printing and publication of Law Books since 1975. Law Books Centre maintains the highest standards of editorial and production quality in the publication of Law Books and its expertise and experience in the publishing area will help to achieve the highest standards in the publication of this Law Journal as well. With the support of eminent jurists and legal luminaries, this journal is committed to deliver the best to the legal fraternity. Attractive page layout, fonts and good quality paper are used for fast reading.

Reasonable and affordable Subscription rates.
For KHC the annual subscription is just Rs. 2250/- for 50 weekly parts, which is in five volumes in a year. Please click on the link below to subscribe your favourite journal

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